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We are a Michigan Clean Marina

Eldean Shipyard has been awarded Michigan Clean Marina certification!

This certification is presented to Michigan Marina facilities that demonstrate a high level of clean environmental achievement through knowledge, practice, and active participation of the marina’s staff, customers, and subcontractors. Boaters can expect an elevated level of environmental awareness and responsibility when visiting a certified Michigan Clean Marina.

Michigan Clean Marinas act to improve and maintain Michigan’s waterways by reducing and eliminating releases and discharges of harmful pollutants, sediments, nutrients, general refuse, and anything else that can damage aquatic environments. Clean Marinas also strive for continuous improvement in daily environmental stewardship practices. The administering partners of the clean marina program are the Michigan Boating Industries Association, Michigan Sea Grant, and the Michigan DEQ. Information on the clean marina program is available at: www.miseagrant.umich.edu/cmp/

By promoting and utilizing environmentally-sound business practices, Eldean Shipyard is taking actions to reduce pollution and improve water quality in the Great Lakes, protect both fish and wildlife habitat, and provide continued boating enjoyment for future generations!


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