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The Eldean Shipyard Nav Station: Use the Interactive Navionics Chart to help plan your next trip or to become more familiar with our waters. A couple of more localized charts, including our dock map, appear below.

Map powered by Navionics!


  dock map   Lake Macatawa  
Our Dock Map - Click for larger map
Lake Macatawa - Click for larger map








  Lake Michigan
  Please Note: Latitude and Longitude waypoint information for the Lake Michigna Chart (at bottom left) has been rounded to tenths of minutes. Do not use the waypoints as your only aid to navigation. Waypoint numbers are subject to change. Low water levels and other obstructions may be present.  
  Our Shipstore stocks several NOAA Paper Charts, including Lake Michigan, Lake Macatawa, and a few others. NOAA's Lithographic Nautical Charts are the traditional paper charts that are updated with each new edition. To check for availability or to have a chart sent to you, email us:  
A few common ports & waypoints


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