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Picnic Areas and Grills

There are 3 picnic areas, each with tables and gas grills. The picnic areas are located at the playground area at the base of E-dock, the base of C-Dock, and the base of Z-Dock. The areas at Z-dock and E-dock also include covered grilling and picnic areas (shown above and below).

Grill starting can be tricky...
The weak design point of our wonderful Weber gas grills seems to be the spark ignition system, particularly in the windy weather. Believe it or not, we replace these igniters on a regular basis. The trick is to make sure the burner nearest the front of the grill is turned on HIGH, and that the timer is on (the timers are located on the right side, below the control dials). Then, CLICK the starter button once about every five seconds until you can see a blue flame in the ignition hole in front. If all else fails, just place a lit match in the hole on the front of the unit. Wild and crazy “speed clicking” will not help. It only keeps us busy replacing the igniters.

The Golden Rule of Grilling…

Nothing turns off a hungry chef like finding five pounds of barbecue sauce crusted onto the grate of the grill. One man’s gourmet performance becomes the next man’s garbage disposal problem. With that in mind, please clean the grill AFTER you use it. If a piece of steel wool, or a wire brush doesn't do it, just leave all three burners on high while you enjoy your meal. 5 or 10 minutes of that high heat treatment can usually purge the messiest grate, and leave the next person grateful.


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