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The Macatawa Greenway

What is the Macatwa Greenway?
Eldean Shipyard is exited about our partnership with the Macatawa Greenway. The Macatawa Greenway is in the midst of accomplishing the overwhelming and complicated task of connecting and preserving a 10 mile stretch of riverfront property along the Macatawa River. Though this is a painstaking, arduous, and expensive process, the Macatawa Greenway has persevered and our community is now experiencing the rewards! And the rewards are amazing! Miles of beautiful meandering trails and paths are available to the public. Sensitive, native habitats and species are being protected and re-established, and the water quality of our rivers and lakes is being improved. As our community continues to grow and more rural land is developed, the foresight and efforts of the Macatawa Greenway will provide extraordinary access, education, preservation, and recreational opportunities to our community, now, and in the future.

The upriver conservation of the Macatawa Greenway, has direct trickle-down effects on the health of our boating waters and local beaches. For more information, a list of public trails, to take a kayak tour on the Macatawa River, or to volunteer, please check out:



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