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Ottawa County Smoke-Free Regualtion

Ottawa County has passed and has implemented the Ottawa County Smoke-Free Indoor Air Regulation effective January 1, 2008. It requires that all public and private businesses in Ottawa County prohibit smoking in all enclosed areas (except restaurants, bars, and tobacco stores). This regulation covers both employees and customers. Please see included facility map showing outdoor Smoke-free zones.

For more information, visit The Ottawa County Smoke-free Webpage.

Eldean Shipyard Smoking Policy Update for Customers:

• Smoking is prohibited, without exception, in all enclosed areas within the Marina Grounds.

• Smoking is prohibited outdoors, within 25 feet of all entrances, operable windows, and ventilation systems of all buildings. No ashtrays or smoking receptacles can be located in these areas. -See map for details

• Smoking is prohibited inside the pool area boundaries (gate and fences).

• Smoking is prohibited on the Fuel Dock.

Marina Customers are permitted to smoke on Docks and on boats. Other acceptable areas are shown on Smoke-Free marina map. Acceptable areas on the map are outdoors and outside of the designated "red" smoke-free areas.


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