Employment with Us


The Salmon Fish Stocking Program…
We are hosting the DNR fish stocking program. Each year, 45,000 Chinook Salmon are at the foot of A-Dock in a net-pen. The photo above shows the Salmon being pumped from the DNR truck into their temporary home at Eldean Shipyard. They usually arive in April and stay with us up to 4 weeks. The fish are about 3 inches on arrival, and they will be 5 or 6 inches long when they are released. The longer they are able to stay with us, the more likely the fish will imprint to Lake Macatawa and return to spawn in 4 years. There are usually 3 daily feedings (7AM, Noon, and 7PM) where you can view the fish eating.

Check the base of A-Dock in April/May for the Net Pen and additional Signage and Information.

The fish-stocking program helps to make the recreational fishing experience a ton of fun every summer. Check out the Salmon fishing report for a few helpful tips to catch more fish.


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