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Eldean Shipyard Marina Parties:

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Big Barn Party:

The End of Season - "Labor Day Luau"
The Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, we will host a marina-wide party for you and your guests. Its a great way to relax, meet people, and talk about boating. The food isn't too bad either! We'll see you there.

Everyone is invited…
You, your crew, and friends of all ages are invited to attend and participate. We need your reservations a week ahead of time in order to get an accurate count for the food that we furnish. Reservations are accepted by phone at 616-335-5843, fax to 616-335-5848 or email to jill@eldean.com. We have a modest per-person charge of $5.00 to cover the main course, plus beer and other beverages. Sorry, this requires cash or check, as our accounting system has no provision for partying. All reservations must be paid in the store by the day before the party.

Bring a dish to share…
Half the fun is enjoying a variety of tasty dishes. Roger will be popping his outstanding popcorn and our volunteer chefs grill chicken, brats, and/or a few other tasty entres. Wade and Pat grill fresh salmon. When you make your reservation, if necessary, we will suggest which categories still need filling: Appetizers, Salads or Desserts. Show off your specialty.

We are weatherproof…
Our parties run rain or shine as the tables and food are set up in the boat barn across the street, attached to the post office. You may personalize and outfit your table with a tablecloth, centerpiece, or even fine china—whatever makes you happy. The action starts with a band and appetizers at 5:30 or whenever you are aware of the smoking grills!
See You There!

Dock Parties:

Dock Parties have a long tradition at the Shipyard...
Before there was Z-Dock, before there was A-dock, before the pool, hot tubs, and playground, all of our annual parties were held at the base of C-Dock. Our parties never went out of style, instead, our marina wide parties were so popular that we just outgrew the space that the area at C-Dock could provide.

The “Dock Party” was a common creature of laughing, mingling, eating, drinking, swimming, and other shenanigans between boaters on the same dock. Boaters would place munchies on their dock box and wander the dock getting to know each other better. Believe it or not, I recall many parties on C Dock that involved Herb and other boaters swimming from dock to dock (Before we had a pool, lake swimming was not that uncommon around the marina). *Note: Herb was not usually swimming by choice, but instead I would coerce fearless friends and boaters to help me throw him in!

E-Dock has been holding a special Dock Party for several years and it has been a huge success. Their shrimp and lobster boil is a tasty event bringing everyone together to cook, feast, and share stories.

In 2007, we wanted to kick off a Dock Party for the each of the Docks. The Dock parties were a big, fun success and we are continuing them for the upcoming season! We are starting small and casual with appetizers and drinks. However, there is room for flexibility and improvisation, so just let me know if you have something else in mind. Perhaps one or two boaters will get together and fire up Kabobs on the grill!


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